July 13th, 2009 by MonsterAir

WakeStock 2009

Given the upcoming MBL All-Star Game being hosted in town, it only seemed appropriate to put the call out to some of the best young and upcoming All-Star wakeboarders!  I put the word out and some serious riders made their way into town on Friday afternoon.  While my peeps were a little road weary, I passed out some Red Bulls, and soon they were ready to hit it.

We shredded up the water on the Illinois River on Friday night and ripped it up on the Mississippi on Saturday.  It only seemed appropriate to limit the destruction on each river to a single day.  Similar to the original Woodstock, WakeStock started out as an innocent pursuit, but changed us all forever.  With so much Sweet Baby Air, none of us will ever be the same!

So click on the links above or to the right to see video of your favorite All-Star ripping it up on the river.  There are also some videos of the Young Guns, our up and coming riders that you are sure to see all over the web in future years, as well as some videos of Old School Skiers – yes, that dinosaur still exist!  Stop back often as the colossal destruction will not be limited to only one river or lake, nor a single weekend!  Our plans will take us to Lake Superior in late July and Lake Charlevoix in mid-August.  Drop us a note and we may come tear it up on a lake near your crib!